Plastines chirurgijos draugija

Impeccable reputation and attention to patients We improve the art and science of plastic and reconstructive surgery. We ensure the highest level of experience and competence of surgeons. The honorable ambitions of our profession are a responsibility to patients and society.

Dynamics, professionalism, innovation and ethics are key goals we pursue nationally and globally.

The Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which unites the representatives of this specialty in our country, is a proof of how science is advancing every day.

We came together in 1991 to ensure the provision of qualified and high-quality services and to prove that the history of plastic and reconstructive surgery, which began to be written 50 years ago, has a future in our country.

We are proud because every year our ranks are filled with a new generation of representatives - responsible and creative doctors.  

The chairman of the society dr. Rokas Bagdonas


High level of professional and medical ethics in the field of plastic surgery

New opportunities for Lithuanian plastic surgery at the international level

GROWTH The Society is actively involved in addressing key issues at the national and international levels.

The doctor's decision must be based on science, professional practice and ethics.